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Our First Lady

Nicole Crandell Sasnett is the daughter of Joseph and Mae Crandell. She grew up in Callahan, Florida until her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida. It was in Jacksonville that she completed her secondary education and then attended Florida A&M University (FAMU), Tallahassee, Florida. Nicole was instilled with the principles of hard work, integrity and care. She took these principles with her as she embarked on her post-secondary education at FAMU. Nicole continued her education as part of the 2+2 program between UF/FAMU, and earned a full scholarship to complete her education at University of Florida. Upon graduation, Nicole returned to the city of Jacksonville and devoted a year to service for America, through the AmeriCorps Duval Reads! Program. During her service year, Nicole taught reading to underserved, low performing youths. She was commended for the outstanding improvement of her students by and fell in love with the art of teaching.

While tutoring, she met her husband, Patrick. Mrs. Nicole Sasnett went on to pursue a career as a teacher. Nicole has served as a professional educator in both Duval and Columbia Counties. As an educator, Nicole has been described as, “Fabulous”, “Effective and Efficient”, by administrators, having “the best classroom I have seen this year” by Differentiated Instruction staff, “Knowledgeable and skilled, a good collaborator with colleagues, teachers and stakeholders; challenging and caring; and my favorite teacher.” Nicole is passionate about positively effecting students through her diligent service and continuous improvement.

Nicole has received the Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Jacksonville University. She also continues her partnership with University of Florida, where she earns graduate credits and will earn full certification in biotechnology and plans to use her certificate to teach college science.

Nicole has been recognized for her service to the community as a Volunteer of the Year. During her college days, Mrs. Sasnett was an active member in adopt a grandparent, in which she ministered to and visited elderly individuals at a local nursing home, and participated in monthly homeless ministry feedings. She was also active in church as a choir member, liturgical dancer, children’s church teacher and participated in a missionary trip to the Lesser Antilles Island of Dominica.

As the Pastor’s wife, Nicole supports the service and work of ministry in her own right, but is a mother first. She and her husband, Pastor Sasnett, are the parents of four children, Patricia Arielle, Albert Joseph, Clarisse Nicole and Nataleigh Miracle.